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Exceptional Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinets from AlphaBlasters are an industrial product line built with pride by Alpha Fabrication, just outside of Portland, OR.

We have "standard" cabinet sizes to give you a starting point for your abrasive blasting needs. Our cabinets are typically built in increments of one foot in any direction (Depth, Height, and/or Width). A common cabinet size is 4' deep X 4' tall X 8' wide, but we offer custom size options as well - if you have a specific cabinet need, call us to discuss your ideas so that we can build what you require. 

Our Abrasive Blasting Cabinets are designed to handle Aluminum Oxide, Soda, Walnut, Glass Bead, Steel Shot...or any other blasts media (with exception to any abrasives containing Silica!) Depending on what you're needing a blast cabinet to do, we can accommodate your project.

We're a small, family owned business with huge attention to the needs of our customers...before, during, and most importantly, *after* the sale. Purchasing from AlphaBlasters gets you a lifetime of support and guidance.

Our patent-pending Dust Collector and MagLock Door Closures are cutting-edge features, and coupled with the extreme-duty cabinets, we give our customers the ease and peace of mind to get blasting jobs done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

You can use media blasting to remove mill-scale, paint, powder coat, rust, calcium, lime, or other coatings from parts quickly and efficiently. You can roughen a part to prepare it for paint or powder coat, or you can smooth a surface to prepare it for polishing. You can also "work harden" parts by shot blasting (peening), which serves to harden a material's surface. This makes cracks less likely to form at the surface and provides resistance to abrasion. When a metal undergoes strain hardening its yield strength also increases. Abrasive blast cabinets can also be used to etch glass and stone.

We've put countless hours of engineering in to every AlphaBlasters Cabinet. They are all constructed from 10 gauge steel (.134") panels, and those panels are fully line-welded to the 3"x3"x.25" SuperCube. The SuperCube is the main "skeleton" of our blast cabinets. This incredibly strong and robust structure prevents any deflection in the cabinet, cabinet doors, lighting, legs, sand bins, pressure pots, and dust collection. The cabinet legs are 3/16" thick steel, formed with integrated regulator and switch ports. We use LED lighting panels in all of our booths - 4'x4'x4' booths have 6,600 Lumens of light, while our 4'x5'x12' has an incredible 17,600 Lumens of 5,000 Kelvin light (that color temperature is the same as daytime sunlight). 

Dust collection is of paramount importance to AlphaBlasters! Our dust collectors come with a .3 micron HEPA main filter, and 2" thick pre-filters. The pre-filter helps to keep the main filter cleaner, longer. 

Our patent-pending MagLock door closures are the same mag-locks that you often see on commercial doors (at banks, for instance). It takes 800 pounds of force to open one of those doors, so rather than having to deal with clumsy latches, you engage a pushbutton switch (located right next to the regulator port on a leg), and simply close the door - the mag-lock "clicks", and the door is secured. When you're done blasting, disengage the MagLock with the same switch used to engage the lock, and the doors "pop" open.

You'll notice that all of our AlphaBlasters Cabinets all have front-loading doors. This feature isn't accidental. We've found that being able to load into the front of the cabinet is a massive advantage to that of side-load and clamshell cabinets. Have a heavy differential or a full-size weldment bumper from a truck that you need to put into the cabinet to blast? Well, open the doors and set it inside with your forklift, close the doors and blast away? No more struggling with side-load cabinets...oh, and because we can, we offer side doors as an option, in addition to the front doors, if you want them because your situation requires them. In fact, we offer back doors, too! People often ask how we can have so many doors in our cabinets. Well, the SuperCube makes it all possible - it's just that strong, and you never have to worry about the doors falling out of alignment - ever!

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