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AlphaBlasters Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinets

When it comes to removing rust and paint, or prepping for Paint or Powder Coating, one of the most effective cleaners is a Media Blast Cabinet.

"Sandblasting" parts is an effective method for stripping parts of hard-to-remove finishes. The simple combination of abrasive media and air makes one of the most efficient strippers available. Aluminum oxide (Al-Ox), glass bead, soda, and walnut shells are some of the more common media types used.

If there is a lot of rust removal in your future, you will get a lot of mileage out of an AlphaBlaster media blasting cabinet. We've gone to great lengths to eliminate the mess typically associated with abrasive blasting. Made in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, our blasting cabinets come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and will give your shop the ability to have proper surface preparation so that you can stand apart from the typical powder coating or paint shop.

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Alpha 35-35-45 Blast Cabinet

Alpha 35-35-45 Blast Cabinet

This is a standard-sized cabinet designed to fit through a commercial ..

$8,300.00 Ex Tax: $8,300.00

Alpha 48-48-48 Blast Cabinet Alpha 48-48-48 Blast Cabinet

Alpha 48-48-48 Blast Cabinet

For smaller jobs, like wheels, engine blocks, heads and the like, this..

$8,350.00 Ex Tax: $8,350.00

Alpha 48-48-96 Blast Cabinet Alpha 48-48-96 Blast Cabinet

Alpha 48-48-96 Blast Cabinet

This is our most popular cabinet size, and it's been designed for sh..

$13,770.00 Ex Tax: $13,770.00

Alpha 48-60-96 Blast Cabinet Alpha 48-60-96 Blast Cabinet

Alpha 48-60-96 Blast Cabinet

This is our second most popular cabinet size, and it's been designed ..

$14,370.00 Ex Tax: $14,370.00

Alpha EB18 Blast Cabinet Alpha EB18 Blast Cabinet

Alpha EB18 Blast Cabinet

This 18"x18"x18" blast cabinet is designed to optimize your producti..

$2,040.00 Ex Tax: $2,040.00

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Abrasive Media Blasting Cabinets

If your projects involve lots parts that need to be absolutely cleaned of all rust and paint, your shop is going to need a blasting cabinet. In fact, any DIY mechanic or professional body shop who regularly needs to strip metal parts clean should have a media blasting cabinet. By placing springs, suspension parts, valve covers, transmission cases, and other parts into a cabinet system, you can fully media blast them without taking up a lot of space. Furthermore, our in-house designed, integrated dust collection and abrasive reclamation systems virtually eliminate the mess and allow you reuse your blasting media, saving money and clean-up time!

Design Elements

We strive to give our customers the best, most innovative blast cabinets available today.

SuperCube (the main structure of our cabinets) - One of our goals is to build a blast cabinet that will last you a lifetime (or two). How do we do this? Well, it all starts with using 3"x3"x.25" steel square tubing for all SuperCubes. Corners are fully TIG welded to give us the strongest joint possible. This gives us an extremely solid, robust framework to build all additional components on.  Some call it overkill...we call it bulletproof.

Front-Load Cabinets? Oh, yeah, we did that!- Have you ever looked at other cabinets on the market and wondered why the doors are predominantly on the sides of the machine?! Well, that's because they have to do it that way because their cabient can't handle the "stress and load" of doors that open in the front. Well, ALL of our cabinets have front-loading doors, because our SuperCube is engineered for these when you've got a rear differential, or a hydraulic cylinder that weighs in excess of 800 pounds to blast, using a forklift to load your parts just isn't possible unless you've got what we have...and, you can always add a side door if you really want (or need) one.

Mag-Lock door closures (Patent Pending) with integrated safety switch - We're fully committed to your safety, so we've integrated Mag-Locks into our doors. These locks provide 800 pounds of holding power (per magnet!) to ensure that the doors can't inadvertently open during operation. Just turn on the Main Power to the cabinet, and when you press the doors closed and they latch, the Solenoid Air Disconnect opens, which allows air to flow into the booth. When you're done blasting, tap the "Disengage Door" switch momentarily, and the door(s) simply "pop" open. When you are ready to blast again, just press the doors closed and the mag-locks will automatically re-latch. Once the doors are engaged and latched, air is allowed to flow to the cabinet again.

The ONLY way for air to flow into the cabinet is to have all doors closed and latched.

Mag-Lock door Disengage Switch - Once the doors are closed, they won't accidentally open. When you're ready for the doors to open, just press the Disengage Door switch, located on one of the legs, right next to the regulator. This switch is recessed so that you don't accidentally bump it and open a door, and it has an LED light ring which is on when the main power is on to the cabinet. Just tap the switch momentarily, and the doors "pop" open (also, the Air Solenoid to the cabinet immediately closes, turning off all cabinet air...which ensures that all blasting operation cease so that you stay safe). Once you release the switch, the mag-locks are engaged, ready for you to close the doors again.

Once the doors are closed and mag-locks engaged, airflow returns to the cabinet.

OSHA Compliant Solenoid Air Disconnect - We've always had safety in mind with all of our cabinets. When the doors are closed, and the Mag-Locks latch, the Air Solenoid opens, allowing air to flow to the cabinet. If the doors are forced open, or something monstrously heavy happens to open the doors from the inside, or the Disengage Door button is pressed, or power is shut off (either by the main switch or a power outage), once contact is broken at the mag-lock(s), the Air Solenoid automatically closes, ceasing all airflow into the cabinet, but leaving all other functions working as normal (dust collection, lighting - unless there's a power outage, of course).

This system ensures that you won't be able to inadvertently blast parts with the doors open, and keeps the dust and sand where it belongs - in the cabinet!

Caster Conversion Capable - If you ever need to move your cabinet frequently, and you don't want to dust off your forklift, you can opt for a Caster Conversion Kit. This changes the legs to allow the bottom 10.5" to be removed, and in their place, add an 8"x3" green polyurethane tread on black metal core wheel with side lock brake, and 4 Position notches with accept 4-position locks (every 90* degrees). They are a kingpinless design, which increases caster durability and integrity, and allows for 2,500 pounds of load per caster (10,000 pounds total). Each caster has grease zerks so that you can lube the 1/2" diameter HRC45 steel ball bearings. This Caster Conversion Kit ships with the legs on the cabinet, with the casters set inside the booth so that you can install them easily at any time.

Outer Shell - We use 10-gauge (.134") steel sheeting for all of our blast cabinets - that's over twice as thick as other cabinets available on the market today. This is an industry-leading plate thickness which ensures a solid, trouble-free shell so you never have to worry about wearing through it with the media you're using. Because of the thickness of the shell, our booths do weigh more than others out there, but they are worth their weight in gold!

2200 CFM integrated dust collection and media separation - We set out to develop a quiet, efficient dust collection and media separation cabinet which seamlessly integrates with any of our blast cabinets. Our passive media separation happens inside the cabinet (just on the other side of the dust collector) - no more scooping good media back into a just stays in there, right where it belongs.

Our dust collection filters down to .3 microns (.003 inch)...with both an inexpensive pre-filter (which cost about $6 each) and an incredibly efficient main filter, you're assured that the air outside the cabinet stays clean, while also allowing for the  main filter to stay cleaner for longer periods of time (usually 6+ months!). We utilize 2HP motors and ultra-efficient impellers which are on the clean-air side of the filtration so that there aren't any issues with premature motor failure. The vertical collector attaches to the side of the booth, and removal of collected dust and/or filters takes a matter of seconds so that you can keep your maintenance and down-time to a minimum.

Fully welded seams - We fully weld our panel-to-SuperCube seams with our in-house built pulse-line-welding station. What this means for you is that our cabinet seams are clean and incredibly strong - something traditional MIG welding just can't achieve. We're able to precisely control the application of heat applied to the weld to ensure perfect results every time. Yeah, it takes longer to do it right, but all good things take a bit more time to achieve.

Colors!! - Hey, we're a full-service powder coating shop, too. So whatever color you're wanting your new blast cabinet to be is never a problem. We utilize powders from Prismatic Powders, Cardinal Industrial Finishes, PPG, and others. Single-stage colors are never an additional charge, so feel free to let us know what color you're wanting for your new blast cabinet and we'll happily oblige. Start looking now, because there are over 6,500 color options to choose from out there! Also, the inside of all of our cabinets is powder coated white - we chose white so that we can maximize the visibility offered by our LED lighting.

LED panel lighting - Light has notoriously been problematic in blast cabinets. Poor lighting means that you can't see what you're blasting, and that's never good for achieving a stellar result. We've taken our lighting to the next level with top and side LED panels. Our smallest booths (like the 35x35x42) have three 2,100 lumen LED panels!! That's 6,300 lumen of incredible light. Our 96" wide cabinets have over 14,000 lumen of light! And if that's not enough for you, we have an optional front-glass mounted dual-LED light strip which packs an incredible 3,000 lumen in a 1" wide package!

Made in the USA!!

All of our media cabinets are proudly made in the USA. Our 8,000 square foot facility is located in Forest Grove, OR (about 45 minutes West of Portland). Feel free to stop by and take a look at our operation.