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Pride in a Job well done

At Alpha Fabrication, we take immense pride in our US Manufactured products. We're a family owned fabrication shop, and we build the most robust, feature-rich Abrasive Blast Cabinets available today. We've taken years of our own knowledge, coupled that with desires and features our customers have requested over the years, and integrated them all into what we build today. We design, cut, assemble, powder coat, and ship all of our products right here in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA (just outside of Portland).

We've made the conscientious decision to build our Blast Cabinets out of extremely heavy-duty raw materials. We've done this because we set out to build Blast Cabinets which will stand the test of time, and do so unfailingly, even under extreme use. We've chosen best-of-breed materials, from 3"x3"x1/4" steel square tubing used to build our SuperCubes, 10-gauge A36 steel sheeting for all panel construction, patent-pending MagLock door closures, high-output LED lighting panels, 1/4" thick A36 steel cut and formed cabinet legs (with integrated, dimpled air regulator and switch ports), integrated forklift pockets, fully line-welded panel-to-SuperCube seams, .3 micron HEPA air filtration, and exacting tolerances throughout...all of this time, expertise, and effort are put forth to deliver you a high quality Abrasive Blast Cabinet solution which will perform flawlessly for decades into the an exceptional value. 

When you see photos of our products here, you'll see many of them are "progress" photos - non-powder coated cabinets and parts undergoing different stages of our manufacturing process. You can see that we take meticulous care in the design, cut, prep, welding, and finishing stages of all products. We're big proponents of letting you see that we really do build these here in the USA! 

About 95% of our cabinets are "custom built", specific to the needs of our customers, so putting every cabinet we have built on this website just isn't very user-friendly - there would be too many options, and it would get confusing trying to compare two booths only to find out that the only difference was that one of them was 4 inches narrower than the other booth....because a particular customer had a size constraint to deal with. Instead, we prefer to talk to our customers so that we can discuss specific needs and offer solutions which will exactly meet the need.

Cabinet Size is the main "customization". Another is the placement of the dust collector - left or right side of the cabinet.

Standard features are:

  • Front load door(s) (depending on booth width, you'll have one, two, or sometimes three doors)
  • High-output LED side and top cabinet lighting panels
  • 2,200 CFM integrated dust collection (patent-pending)
  • Passive in-cabinet media separation (patent-pending)
  • .3 micron HEPA air filtration
  • 25-foot long 10 gauge power cord (110v, 20A circuit required)
  • 3/4-inch "Chicago style" full port air couplings (safety pin included)
  • Tilted-in door viewports with integrated fresh air inlets
  • 7-1/2 inch smooth neoprene blast gloves
  • 800-pound MagLock door closures (patent-pending)
  • OSHA-compliant safety air shutoff (if a door opens, air delivery ceases, but dust collection and lighting remain)
  • 3-inch media drains on siphon bins
  • Pressure pot(s) vent to inside of cabinet
  • Vented LED external lighting covers
  • Individual 150PSI air regulator (one per blast gun/pressure pot)
  • Mylar interior glass screen protectors (replaceable)
  • Twin leveling feet on front legs (just in case your floor is a bit uneven)
  • Grease-able bullet hinges with brass bushings on cabinet and dust collector doors (doors can lift off of cabinet)
  • Your choice of single-stage powder coat exterior color (interior is always white)
  • 1-inch thick cabinet grating (you can place about 1,200 pounds of "things" to be blasted inside without fear the grates buckling)
  • Perforated 1/8-inch thick top-sheet for grates (used to prevent small parts from falling through grates)
  • Removable/replaceable viewport safety glass 

Other than the standard options above, you can select additional options you may want/need, such as:

  • Pressure pot(s)
  • Integrated grate-height turntable(s) (900 pound capacity)
  • Add a left OR right side door (the dust collector will always be on the opposite side)
  • Add a back door (or two)
  • Left or right side mounted dust collection
  • Initial blast nozzle sizing (based upon your air delivery configuration)
  • Initial blast nozzle material (tungsten, boron, ceramic, depending on your needs)
  • Foot pedal or trigger-on-gun actuation (for siphon feeds)
  • Poly sprayed-in interior lining, similar to the bed lining used on trucks (mainly used to quiet down steel peening cabinets)
  • 1-1/2 inch grating if you need to place up to 1,900 pounds part to be blasted at one time

As always, if you have any questions or just want to call to chat it up, we're here, nearly 7 days a week (yeah, most weeks are 7 days, but sometimes we find time to go play for a day), so feel free to call.